How many significant digits are in 80,000


Answer 1
Answer: 2 because the equation can be reduced to: 8.0 x 10^4.
Answer 2
Answer: Actually it's 5 because there is no decimal space and if you only include 8 then that means the number is actually 8.

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Expand and simplify 5(X-3)-2(2x+1)
Peter says, "If you subtract 14 from my number and multiply the difference by - 6, the result is - 90." What is Peter's number? Peter's number is​
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David's company reimburses his expenses on food, lodging, and conveyance during business trips. The company pays $60 a day for food and lodging and $0.65 for each mile traveled. David drove 600 miles and was reimbursed $3,390.Part A: Create an equation that will determine the number of days x on the trip (3 points)Part B: Solve this equation justifying each step with an algebraic property of equality. (6 points)Part C: How many days did David spend on this trip? (1 points)


For Part B, Part A of the equation is needed.
Each day for x ($60 food and lodgings).
Miles for y (600 miles)
Equation: 3390=60x+390
Subtract 390 from both sides.
Divide 60 on both sides.


I need to show my work. The answer has to be 22


((46-(4-2)* 5))÷2-4\n (46-(2)* 5)/ 2-4\n (46-10)/ 2-4\n 36/ 2-4\n 18-4\n =14
((46-(4-2)\cdot5))/2-4=\n(46-2\cdot5)/2-4=\n(46-10)/2-4=\n 36/2-4=\n 18-4=\n 14

A system of equation is shown y=-2x+b
y= 3x+b
What value of b is required so that the system has the solution (0,6)
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The answer is 6

Step-by-step explanation:



Substituting 0 for x and 6 for y

6=2(0) + b



6 = 3(0)+b


Therefore, b=6

A can of 3 tennis balls sells for $2. If Sal spent more than $24 on tennis balls, which inequality can be used to find n, the number of tennis balls Sal could have bought? Two-thirds n greater-than 24 Three-halves n greater-than 24 2 n greater-than 24 3 n greater-than 24.




Step-by-step explanation:

i just did the test

What is the range and domain of the function : y= sqrt(x) -5 ... Can you please explain? Thanks btw the square root is only over the x


Domain of √(x) - 5 :  x ≥ 25 .

Range of   √x - 5 : y ≥ -5 .


f(x) = √x - 5


To find the domain,

√x - 5 ≥ 0

√x ≥ 5

Squaring both sides ,

x ≥ 25 .

Thus domain of √x - 5 is x ≥ 25 .

Range of √x - 5,

To define the range of the function the value of x can not be negative as it will make the function complex .


Range will be ,

y ≥ -5 .

Know more about domain and range,


okay so basically domain =input and range =output. you can never have a negative number underneath the square root sign because it will make the answer imaginary (i), unless you are on that concept. Therefore the range is any number greater than 0. -> all real numbers greater than or = 0

for the range if you input 0 as x you will get -5, so any number you input after 0 will be greater than -5. so range is all real numbers greater than or equal to -5. 

Solve each equation by graphing. Round to the nearest tenth. 6x^2+18x=0


I hope this helps you

6 (x^2+3x)=0

x (x+3)=0



x= -3
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