A circle has a diameter of 12 inches. what is the area of the shaded section. use 3.14 as pi. no a,b,c,d just an exact answer thanks


Answer 1


Area of shaded section is 113.04

Step-by-step explanation:

Area of circle is calculated by formula A=\pi r^(2).

where 'r' is radius.

here given diameter is 12 inches .

so radius is calculated as  r=(d)/(2)=(12)/(2)=6

and value of \pi is 3.14

so, Area is ;

A=\pi r^(2)

Put value of \pi =3.14 and r=6 inches




Hence, area of shaded section is 113.04

Answer 2
Answer: A = pi r ^2
A = 3.14(6^2)
A= 3.14 (36)
A = 113.04

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